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Why should you hire a dedicated resource? Businesses that have adopted this model have witnessed a surge in productivity and a drop in the project development cost by 40%. So, instead of splurging on training and technological resources, TechWrappers Solution’s “Hiring Dedicated QA Team/ Resource” model enables businesses to choose the best from a pool of unrivaled resources and couple them with state-of-the-art infrastructure to form a remote QA team.

Far too often companies have a project that needs tested but don’t have the resources to dedicate for preparation. Perhaps your team is dedicated on other projects but will be freed up later. Your choice could be to hold up the release, or hire a group like TechWrappers Solution to make the preparations for you. With On Demand services, you only have to pay when you need our expertise. This can save both your time and money in comparison to keeping additional staff on the payroll.

On-Demand QA Services

Test Design Services

Benefits of TechWrappers Test Design On-demand Services:

TechWrappers On-demand Test Design Process Our team of QA professionals is ready to start immediately on your project and will guarantee meeting the deadline that is suitable for your business.

How it Works: Input: Project Time Line, Demo Sessions, Business Requirements, Functional Requirements, Architecture Documents, Sample Test Data.
Experienced QA Professionals:Quick Ramp Up, Optimum use of time, money and high quality, Domain Experts.
Test Case Types: Positive & Negative Tests, UI & Field Validation, Integration Tests, Health/sanity check, Database Tests.
Output: Test Cases, Requirement Traceability Matrix, Test Plan & Scenarios, Status Reports with Metrics.

Common Deliverables: What We Need From You:

Testing Execution Services

Sometimes a QA Team just needs a little helping hand. You’ve done all of the preparation but for some reason you don’t have the resources to actually complete the testing. It happens time and again with large and small businesses alike. But with services offered by TechWrappers, your company can easily fill in the gaps and relieve the strain on your already taxed team.

What TechWrappers QA Service Offers You: How it Works: Input: Project Time Line, Go Live Date, Demo Session, Manual Test Cases, Business or Functional Requirements, Defect Report Format.
Defect Reports >> Daily summary reports, Online real time reports, Text only summary reports in Email, for mobile reading
Status Reprots >> Metrics Reports, Daily Status Reports: Test Case Execution Status, Defect Status

Common Deliverables: What We Need From You:

Regression Testing Execution Services:

Our QA Experts can take the burden off of your team by performing regular and consistent full regression tests. Our company works on your schedule.

Regression testing is a vital component of a healthy and error free release. Without question, it’s critically important to ensure that other modules and processes were not adversely affected by any recent changes made to the system. While necessary, regression testing can be tedious and monotonous, requiring already burdened testers to repeat the same tests over and over again, release after release.

TechWrappers is here to help you run those tests with our Regression Testing Execution Services.

What TechWrappers Offers: Common Deliverables: What We Need From You:

QA Technical Writing Services:

TechWrappers Solution’s Technical Writing services can lend a talented hand. Product specifications, QA Test Plans, or even website content can be proofread or created on-demand for a variety of audiences.

The importance of documentation in Software Quality Assurance shouldn’t be understated. Although it’s often neglected in favor of saving time or resources, lack of it can slow the development process, ongoing maintenance or even the usability of the end product. And this can potentially lead to additional expenses for your business. Take the pressure off of your team members by using TechWrappers as your own dedicated documentation team.

TechWrappers Techncal Writing Services: Possible deliverables could include:

Take advantage of TechWrappers Solution’s competitive rates to help you deliver your project documentation on your schedule and based on your requirements. Get in touch today and see what our company can offer you.

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